BABI. an acronym for ‘Bringing All the Best International’, was originally established in Asia in 1994 as a distributor for a popular health beverage. Since then, it has evolved into a multinational corporation offering natural food, beverage and nutritional care products.


It is now a respected and renown manufacturing and distribution enterprise, employing over 235 dedicated professionals located in Taipei, San Francisco and Beijing to Shanghai and Bangkok.


Drawing from worldwide data input including our extensive network of retailers and internal expertise, BABI identifies emerging trends and transitions these ideas into quality products.


The company is strategically partnered with mega retailers such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Clubs, TJ Maxx and many others around the world. We work closely with our suppliers and customers to facilitate a complete flow from concept to distribution product cycle.



Our Founder and CEO left us a message......... in a bottle.


​We are very straightforward in what we do

and what we want to achieve:




Striving to increase and grow

our presence in the industry,

we are focused on the following:

  • TO PROVIDE only premium authentic and natural choices to our consumers,

  • OFFER value and reliability of supply chain to our trading partners,

  • SEEK branding opportunity,

  • SUPPORT the ecosystem, as we always consider the impact of each step in our manufacturing processes​​