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We are very proud to have created, developed and consistently produce

a number of premium quality beverages, snacks, cookies

and health supplements for worldwide sales.

All follow our simple philosophy:





From inspecting facilities first hand to shepherding multilingual packaging through complicated government approvals, BABI Corp. takes it all in its own hands, by expertly handling each step of the process: we currently oversee the production of products at over half a dozen facilities in countries including Taiwan, Thailand and The United States.
Babi Corp has the facilities and expertise to create custom concepts and formulas for either beverages or snacks: Just as language changes from country to country, so do taste preferences. And, being a company that serves consumers in a wide range of countries, the in-house food scientists at BABI Corp. are constantly innovating new ways for both existing brands and new products to be more appealing to our target Markets.
Every member of the BABI Corp. team has a University Degree and almost all are fluent in at least two languages. Some have previous work experience with Companies like McDonalds, Warner Brothers, Ritz Carlton and Philip Morris. As seasoned, International Marketing Professionals, they know that just translating a copy isn't enough, so all of our multilingual advertising is actually "localized" and takes into account the cultural nuance of the message and image which our brands and products strive to convey in a given market.
BABI Corp. contracts and works closely with the best and most professional distributor in any given market. In doing so, BABI awards brand exclusivity per country and then works as a partner with that distributor assisting with competitive analysis, shipping, sell-in, marketing, training and even trade shows. BABI Corps' distribution partners around Asia and Europe are considered to be a wider extension of the BABI family and our long-term relationships with them are one of the keys to our success in Markets from Slovenia to Cambodia.

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A full array of premium Coconut products
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